Explore this section to view examples of designs which were good (in my opinon) but are no longer on the internet.

The true test of a web designer is the sites he or she makes.

Below are links to examples of my work.

Upscale community development here in Citrus County. Large lots with rolling hills. Nice site for a nice community. The community is just being developed thus the site content will be further developed as the community proceeds. Good start and a good design.

Race Fans: check this one out. Used some unique navigational code here which I really like. Much of results content is php generated (automatically by server from database). This presented some unique and new scenarios. Has worked out well and much further development to be done over time on this one.

Real Estate site for a mutli-office agencie here in Citrus County. It's a frame site which presents a few different variables. Some good, some bad. Personally, I don't like frame sites, but I'm not God and this is not my site. For a frames site, I think it's very good. Client wanted frames to keep everything superfast on site (no graphics loading from page to page). Does that.

A website made to work from the ground up. This custom home builder had a website which they liked, but it never got any traffic. Was not made for capturing visitors. Now, this new design and new, more extensive content site is in place. Traffic has increased dramatically over time. Massive research and then development of content as well as nice new design on this site.

A woodworking site featuring high quality, custom made, hand crafted wood projects for backyards, patios, pool areas and garden items. This is my "other job". It does not make me a lot of money but I enjoy creating things out of wood and the "job" is a nice compliment to working on a computer all day.

This is a site I do as a volunteer for the park. The attraction is a local favorite and a place I have always enjoyed visiting. Done years ago, it's aged a little but still holds up pretty good. Lots of real good information for those who are interested in this subject area.

A site dedicated to the help and rescue of retired racing greyhounds. This site was made about 5 or 6 years ago and still does it's job pretty well.

A site covering religious matters. I'm not a religious person but the site's owner is a very, very good friend of mine and I keep it updated for him as a favor. He was a client years ago and hired me to build the site at that time.

This is a site I designed, produced and maintained for quite a few years. A web site directory for my little area of the world - Citrus County Florida. It was handed over to Technitron years ago and they still have it up and running. Not as graphically pretty as when I did it. Now, the pages are generated automatically which does not allow for the all the graphic treatments I originally used, but most of site is my art and design still.

A site for a company which makes large format color enlargements on canvas. Not a large site but has functioned well over the years. An example of a site which needs very little maintenance.

A site featuring gormet carmel apples. Was a fun site to make with some possibiities to do a few things not appropriate on many traditional business sites. I have not touched the site in years but most of it remains my work and design. There were no banners and the "online" artwork which throws off the balance on the entrance were not there when I designed the site.