Jeff Tanner Artistic Concepts, Inc. and High Quality Web Site design and production is me. Jeff Tanner.

I am a one man operation and like it that way. I can maintain high quality production and be sure that all the details are in order and the way you expect them to be. There is no one to blame for mistakes. In the past I managed graphic design groups. When performing these management positions years ago, I ended up not enjoying my work. I also discovered I like to create things more than anything else I could do. If I'm managing others, I'm not creating.

Thus, Jeff Tanner Artistic Concepts was born in 1985. For the first ten years, traditional graphics were my realm. Starting about 1995 the internet was becoming a true business tool. I didn't know or envision the internet we all know today, nor did anyone else. I have lived and grown up with the internet and have been making web sites every since those early days. Many things have changed. Some remain the same. Ultimately information is generally the purpose, even if it's just for fun, it's still information from you to someone else.

With my background and training based on art and the visual aspect of that information, the web sites I offer and design have visual "qualities". I approach the graphics as another statement about you and your product. Whatever you are saying or selling, there is an appropriate look and feel to that information. The site must of course get your information across. From there I attempt to make you, your product, your service, etc. look real, real good. I try to give the viewer what they came for. I try to keep the viewer experience enjoyable and quick with good navigation so they can find what they are looking for and not get lost in the technical aspects of the site. The Cvety-55 will be top notch. The coding of the pages will be top notch. I have hand coded html for many years and know it like the back of my hand. The coding is solid and as minimal as possible to present the information. Unless directed otherwise, the html code is sound, fundamental and will be viewed perfectly in new and old browsers and the site will not "break".

My emphasis is always on quality.