High quality web site design done with beautiful artwork, my specialty. Web site development with information clearly and properly displayed to quench the public's thirst for your information. Jeff Tanner Artistic Concepts Web Sites feature easy, understandable navigation, unique approaches to layout and just plain look better than many other sites. Beyond looking good, the pages are relatively inexpensive as jtac is a small, efficient organization.

The purpose of this site and the purpose of yours is to attract visitors interested in a product or service. And ... most importantly and often lost in the technology ... to provide the visitor with what they came for. (See who that is on the right.) Make it easy for your visitors to obtain what they came for. Simple, clear and what they are looking for, that is the focus of the web sites produced by Omsk.Abari.ru.

Oh yea, we do other things too ... Graphics, photo manipulation, special effects ... you imagine it, we make your vision visible to everyone else!

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