search engine placement
This is an exciting phase of any website production. You've done your research. You have developed a great site. Now, you need to list your site on the various search engines and start getting traffic to your site.

Much of the final step in the website development process is simple and straightforward. You may be able to do this yourself or I could assist you if you want advanced, thorough treatment of your website placement.

search engine placement

Submission of your site to the free submission, larger search engines is the most common method of handling this task. It's easy and takes very little time and effort.

search engine techniques

To reach this point, it is assumed that your website is properly constructed with the right information to reach your desired viewers. Please call me, email me or read about "Search Engine Preparation" (click here or the heading above) before you submit your site or hopefully, before your site has been made. I have been hired quite a few times to "back up" to the content for search engines which attracted no visitors - virtually a "start over" scenario.

OK, I'm Ready ...

Most of the large search engines today will ask you to pay to get listed on their sites. This includes major players such as: MSN Search, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Looksmart, Teoma, Excite, Hot Bot and more. Also, many search engines now supplement their listings with paid for options. These include Google, Overture and many more. There is a complex intertwining of the various companies and methods going on in this field. This is another story which I'm not getting into on this page. If you would like help in those areas - give me a call at 352-628-9866. I have experience buying positioning as well as free positioning. Buying traffic can be a very good ROI, but, this section is about what you can do without paying for your traffic.

Sites You Can Submit To:

Without a doubt, the most important listing you can get is Google without paying. Google now supplies results to it's own site, Yahoo, AOL and others. Collectively, this is a very, very large audience and if your not buying your way into other places, Google is just about your entire world. Submission is simple, tell them your URL, that's about it. From there you will be listed in approximately two months.

Other Free Listings
Alta Vista, Open Directory, All The Web, and Lycos. Each has a different process but all pretty simple. All require some wait - a month or two or three to see results.

You can also submit your site to "specialty" search engines. Whatever your business is, there is probably a number of special sites devoted to your area. Finding and submitting your site to them is normally beneficial. Your local area directories can also be helpful if appropriate to your business model.

Yahoo is worthy of special mention here. They still are one of the major players in sending you traffic. They have a number of scenarios taking place when viewers see their results. They have paid placements which appear ahead of non-paid for placements. Banners, highlighted items, etc. are Доставка цветов в Орле. The free listings they offer are actual sites listed on Google. That may be enough for you, it's your evaluation. If you pay them (last check had the fee at $300) to list you business, that puts you in their own database of results which appears before listing derived from Google provided data. Depending upon your scenario, you may be wise to pay Yahoo to be listed. This is separate from the true "advertisement paid for listings" such as banners and top of page highlighted listings which are all separate and at additional cost dependant upon your targeted phrase and how attractive the phrase is (the more traffic the phrase gets - the more it costs for you to be listed when it is called for).

MSN is also worthy of special mention here. They are the largest single search engine today as far as traffic. This is due to the pre-installed Internet Explorer browsers which come pre-loaded on most any computer purchased anymore. Thus, without choice and many times without knowing, people are using this search engine. They are a pay for submission. Thus, it may be a expense you wish to pay. There is a "back door" into getting listed on MSN currently. I can't reveal all my tricks, but will gladly do so to folks wishing to work with me. I know a few others also.

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