economical web site

Some businesses are not in need of a custom designed web site. If your a small business who can not affort a specially designed, large web site or your business simply does not need such an extensive web endeavor, there are economical solutions I can offer you.

It is a matter of degree and what you need. A small custom made web site is not as expensive as a 350 page large custom made web site. If your needs or budget do not justify a small, specially made site for your business, a "pre-made" package can be made up for very little cost.

Perhaps you just start out with one of the pre-made website packages. Get your internet matters started and then, over time, develop better elements and pages on a slow pace. Done properly, the new web site your "growing" will hopefully pay for it's own upgrade.

All points in between are possible also. Again, what do you need?

good value web site

Excellent value! Provides you with a real good looking site to display your business. Allows for fairly extensive graphics and information at a low cost.

inexpensive website

Fairly low cost while still providing your business a pretty good looking site.

cheap site

As basic as you can get.
As low cost as you can go.

All of the above options use pre-made elements to offer you a economical web site solution. If that fits your need, you have very low cost. If one of the styles almost fits your needs but a little touch of custom art or a special treatment here or there - that can be done for additional cost.

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