All of the artwork in this area of the jtac Website has been produced and printed in the traditional print media. Brochures, flyers, ads, catalogs, promo sheets, etc. All kinds of things on paper.

oasissm.jpg (4221bytes) Grande Oasis Brochure
This was a great project. Allowed to come up with the concepts pretty much on my own. Also important, I was provided great photos and copy to work with. The end result was a very nice piece. Click here to view the entire project.

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larger, fairly good resolution images of the printed piece(s).

process color print design

4 color, hand drawn christmas card produced for a printer I worked for years ago. Was a fun project. (68k) - Moskva

4 color, 11 x 17 bleed, 4 fold, 2 sided, travel brochure. (99K Outside view & 92K Inside view)

4 color VHS video insert. (147K)

4 color presentation folder cover. (22K)

4 color food product label. (69K)