This is the most important person in the world - your visitor.

Too often the technical aspect of this technical job, making a web site, takes over the show. The reality is that most people visiting your site don't care about the technical wizardry of your site, they are looking for something.

Make sure they find it. Keep the information your visitors are looking for clear and simple. Don't make it difficult for them to navigate or understand what is where. People will go on to your competitor if they can't find their answer within Доставка цветов в Сургуте. If they have technical difficulties, they will move on. If they are confused, mislead, have to go through too many steps or don't have the necessary software, most will leave.

It is a commitment from the start to maintain a "viewers" perspective which jtac maintains that can help satisfy your visitors. I constantly ask myself what that "most important" person is looking. Then I try to come up with a solution that makes it easy for them to find it and get to it.

It is the first question I have to you. Who are you trying to reach? What are they looking for? It is my job to present that important information to your viewer in a simple, easily understood fashion. From there, I make the sites "rock solid" to function in virtually any browser and make you and your company look good. No broken, misfunctional items. The visual quality of your site is your image and that too is my forte, but without forgeting about your visitors desires and needs.